Multi-Generational Expert. National Speaker. Executive Coach. Military Veteran.

The Courage to Lead Across Generations

In addition to seeking to understand young people (Millennials and Generation Z)…aspire to Lead all generations. Building the connections. Engaging their minds and passions. Identify what fires them up and what focuses their limitless energy towards performance and productivity. To achieve peak performance your organization must harness the power of all the generations, that is the essence of Multi-Generational Leadership. James’s expert keynote performances will help you do just that.

"You seem to have a ‘savant-like’ ability to connect with the audience and help them see the connection between organizational success and Generation Z."

− Parris L. Carter, Executive Director Student Affairs University of Pittsburgh, Titusville

"Very stimulating conversation. You challenged my brain."

− Bobby Irvin, President Chugach Alaska Corporation

"Very informative and compelling…Dr. Pogue provides critical insight into understanding this new generation and leveraging the value they will bring to our future workforce."

− Kate Conklin, Senior Vice President of Professional Affairs, Denton Regional Hospital

"After hearing Dr. Pogue speak it is clear no one left the same way they came.."

− John R. Lopez, Assoc. Director Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center

"You left us more empowered and inspired to do connect, mentor and help cultivate the skills of our next generation of leaders."

− Felicia McPhail, Avionics Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin MST - Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Dynamic and Thought-Provoking Keynote

The Courage to Lead Generation Z:
Taking the Risk. Making the Difference.

Dr. James Pogue is more than a speaker, he is a Multi-Generational Expert (GZ),
entrepreneur, a national champion martial artist and a musician.

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