James Pogue is more than a speaker he is a Multi-Generational Expert, entrepreneur, national champion martial artist, a musician, and a Military Veteran. He ‘translates’ the words and actions of the generations into a common language we can all understand. His ability to weave together funny anecdotes and riveting tales will encourage audiences to strengthen their own leadership, drive change and question the status quo.

Education and Experience

James attended Grambling State University and paid his way through college using the GI Bill and marching with the World Famed Marching Band…he was even a Drum Major! He went on to receive a Ph.D at 29 from the University of Arizona and completed Post-Doctoral training at Harvard University. He has researched and presented on the integration into the workforce of Generation X, Millennials and now Generation Z. James is also a seasoned martial artist having competed across North America and winning 5 National Championships plus Silver and Bronze at the World Championships.

Why Does He Do It

James is often asked this question and the answer is always the same. He believes all of us have a gift to share with the world and the sharing of this gift strengthens us all. James’s uncanny ability to connect with an audience and pull them in is his gift. He uses this gift to teach and compel others to explore the importance of engaging across the generations and the critical role it plays in a company’s success.

Engaging Presentation Style

James will draw you into his keynote with his powerful stories and anecdotes. He uses these stories to connect the world of work and the need for balance, care and compassion. He engages the audience using thought provoking questions which will prick your thinking and have you on the edge of your seat. Teaching and Learning is the cornerstone of what James hopes to accomplish and he will use his unique style and experiences to do just that!

‘Me’ Time

James has two daughters and two granddaughters and lives in the Dallas area. He is a fitness advocate and has worked as a personal trainer for clients who have lost 40, 60 and 100lbs! James is also a strong believer in education and can be found volunteering to provide college prep programs in his community.

"You seem to have a ‘savant-like’ ability to connect with the audience and help them see the connection between organizational success and Generation Z."

− Parris L. Carter, Executive Director Student Affairs University of Pittsburgh, Titusville

"Very stimulating conversation. You challenged my brain."

− Bobby Irvin, President Chugach Alaska Corporation

"Very informative and compelling…Dr. Pogue provides critical insight into understanding this new generation and leveraging the value they will bring to our future workforce."

− Kate Conklin, Senior Vice President of Professional Affairs, Denton Regional Hospital

"After hearing Dr. Pogue speak it is clear no one left the same way they came.."

− John R. Lopez, Assoc. Director Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center

"You left us more empowered and inspired to do connect, mentor and help cultivate the skills of our next generation of leaders."

− Felicia McPhail, Avionics Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin MST - Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Dynamic and Thought-Provoking Keynote