Boost the impact of Dr. Pogue’s keynote with an engaging workshop. Whether the audience is Sr. Executives or Emerging Leaders the learning continues and deepens in these sessions.

Introducing Multi-Generational Leadership

  • What is it?
  • Why is it important?
  • Why it works?

Whether in Keynote or Workshop format attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how to improve recruiting and retention strategies in addition to methods for diversification of their management pools.

Building Multi-Generational Connections

This Keynote or Workshop is designed for those organizations who have a multi generational leadership training program but it needs to be updated or it isnt providing you the results you desire. Participants will receive data and perspectives to freshen their initiatives.  This will be done in three ways a) Assessing what has been done so far b) Comparisons successful programs c) Recommending and assisting in the implementation of new strategies.

Shaping Multi-Generational Content

In concert with the building the best structure to connect the generations in your workforce…you must have the best possible content as well.  This keynote or workshop will focus on what training should include and why.  Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the most critical subject areas that must be addressed to facilitate multi-generational engagement.

Implementing a Multi-Generational Strategy

Once you have built the connections between the generations in the workplace and defined what the content needs to be, its time to implement.  Inevitably,  there will be bumps in the road; sometimes driven by personnel considerations other times as a result of region or previously existing challenges.  This consultation/workshop is a deeper dive into the engagements of a division, region or team.  Outcomes from this consultation include the clarification of sticking points and why they exist, specific strategies to improve team engagement, and to multi-generational leadership coaching.

"You left us more empowered and inspired to do connect, mentor and help cultivate the skills of our next generation of leaders."

− Felicia McPhail, Avionics Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin MST – Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

"You seem to have a ‘savant-like’ ability to connect with the audience and help them see the connection between organizational success and Generation Z."

− Parris L. Carter, Executive Director Student Affairs University of Pittsburgh, Titusville

"Very informative and compelling…Dr. Pogue provides critical insight into understanding this new generation and leveraging the value they will bring to our future workforce."

− Kate Conklin, Senior Vice President of Professional Affairs, Denton Regional Hospital