You seem to have a ‘savant-like’ ability to connect with the audience and help them see the connection between organizational success and Generation Z.

– Parris L. Carter, Executive Director Student Affairs University of Pittsburgh, Titusville

Howard University

Your talk on Multi-Generational Bridge Building was exactly what we needed. Your impact on our team was deep and immediate. You hit a Grand Slam with us!

– Kenneth M. Holmes, Vice President for Student Affairs Howard University


Very informative and compelling…
Dr. Pogue provides critical insight into understanding this new generation and leveraging the value they will bring to our future workforce.

– Kate Conklin, Senior Vice President of Professional Affairs, Denton Regional Hospital


Very stimulating conversation. You challenged my brain.

– Bobby Irvin, President Chugach Alaska Corporation


You left us more empowered and inspired to do connect, mentor and help cultivate the skills of our next generation of leaders.

– Felicia McPhail, Avionics Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin MST – Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


After hearing Dr. Pogue speak it is clear no one left the same way they came.

– John R. Lopez, Assoc. Director Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center