JPE Business Manager, Laura Bates, shares her experience at ACCUC’s Commitment To Change conference.


What an incredible week of learning, engagement, and diversity!!! So many leaders have all come together to learn from one another, to share and lean in to grow together!!

During one of the moderated Panel discussions, Board Chairs were asked about Succession Planning for their board. Each Chair Member gave their insights and policies, procedures, and plans… except one. She was open and vulnerable… she said, “I can’t add anything, we don’t have one.” She then went on to openly ask other chair members for their help and was encouraged! Then people from the crowd stood up and gave more words of advice and encouragement. They offered free access to policy outlines, another offered free online training for her members, and the list goes on. The conference banded together to support her when she was there to teach them.

The AACUC stacked the conference with incredible leaders and powerhouses, rightfully so, in their 2022 Annual Conference. All the speakers, break-out sessions, and panel discussions were not only informative but engaging and dare I say even entertaining! Who said learning had to be boring – I attended the conference as an outsider, I was a volunteer, and supported speakers as well as staff. I have no insight into Credit Unions, but that didn’t stop me from learning, being driven, and from leaving the conference with renewed enthusiasm to continue to fight against Racism.

Thank you AACUC, Renee Sattiewhite, Dohnia Dorman, and the countless other staff, volunteers, speakers, and attendees for putting on such an inclusive & fantastic conference!

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