Our Partners

Kate Conklin

“Very informative and compelling…
Dr. Pogue provides critical insight into understanding this new generation and leveraging the value they will bring to our future workforce.”

Kate Conklin, System Deputy Compliance & Privacy Officer | Steward Health Cate System, Former President | National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS)

Here’s what others have to say about JP Enterprises.

“A huge thank you to JP Enterprises for raising our diversity acumen to lead across the spectrum and creating a safe place for our team to be vulnerable to share thoughts and opinions. Diverse teams perform better because they have the most uncomfortable discussions to push the envelope and make things better, and we will continue this important work at Spirit Realty.”

Kmeal Winters, Vice President| Spirit Realty

“I do believe you’re the real deal – right down to your soul, so it’s no surprise people (and I, in particular) respond to your presentations and gravitate to you off-stage as well.”

Bill Bell, Sr. Vice President of Sales | Fox Associates

“James Pogue’s no-nonsense approach to coaching our leadership team has positively transformed each one of us as individuals and USHG as a whole. With tough, caring love, James and his exceptional JP Enterprises team have taught, guided, coaxed, encouraged, and ultimately shared in the impactful journey we are on towards becoming a far more inclusive place of belonging for all.”

Danny Meyer, Founder & CEO | Union Square Hospitality Group

“I recently had the pleasure to attend Dr. Pogue’s session on diversity, inclusion, and bias. He has a very relatable approach, while still tackling uncomfortable topics head on. Our entire audience of promotional products industry leaders were fully engaged during the entire presentation, which was no small feat to accomplish during our intense, two-day event. I highly recommend Dr. Pogue and his team for any group wanting to take their diversity efforts to the next level.”

Dawn Olds, MAS, Senior Vice President of Industry Relations and DEI | HALO

“Very stimulating conversation. You challenged my brain.”

Bobby Irvin, President | Chugach Alaska Corporation

“FSAE is proud to have worked with Dr. James Pogue to bring our members important information on diversity, equity, inclusion, and bias. His presentations and No-Nonsense Series on systemic racism was very informative and beneficial for our members and staff, both personally and professionally. Dr. Pogue has consistently challenged our thinking to understand the depth and history of social injustice, which helps us all become better people and build a better world today.”

Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP, President/CEO | Florida Society of Association Executives

“The charge of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in an age of racial reckoning requires guidance that challenges the conventional, opens thought to possibilities and empowers change. Dr. Pogue and his team give leaders the tools they need to be self-aware, impactful and unafraid to meet these challenges head on.”

Scott Y. Stuart, Esq., Chief Executive Officer | Turnaround Management Association

“Dr. Pogue has been a great partner to ASIS International as we take our own DE&I journey. His content is understandable, accessible, and implementable across our volunteer and staff structure. I appreciate his honest, direct communication style and his willingness to lead and participate in what can be tough conversations.”

Peter J. O'Neil, FASAE, CAE, Chief Executive Officer | ASIS International

“Our conference attendees were highly impressed with Dr. James Pogue. Before the training session, James spent several hours with our leaders learning our processes and culture so he could tailor the workshop’s materials and presentation to our specific needs. The result: a training session that was personalized, organized and effective. We received wonderful feedback on his content delivery and discussion facilitation.”

Carolyn Tandy, Director of Diversity and Inclusion | Texas Roadhouse, Inc.

“Dr. Pogue speaks with experience, expertise, and compassion. He is precise in his explanations while sharing the complexities of human experience. Our team benefited significantly from his teaching and wisdom about microaggressions, diversity, and inclusion. He inspired us to increase our awareness and be leaders in our professional and personal lives.”

Dr. Dan Peters, CEO| Summit Center

“After hearing Dr. Pogue speak it is clear no one left the same way they came.”

John R. Lopez, Assoc. Director | Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center

“You left us more empowered and inspired to do connect, mentor and help cultivate the skills of our next generation of leaders.”

Felicia McPhail, Avionics Engineering Manager | Lockheed Martin MST – Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

“Dr. Pogue delivered meaningful insights about DEI in a way that significantly resonated with me and our audience. In a talk about inclusiveness, he truly made everyone feel included and found commonality with everyone in the room. His content was so valuable and delivered so elegantly. Our attendees were riveted and many told me afterward that they felt inspired to be better leaders and came away with actionable steps on how to measure progress. His ability to connect with the audience enhanced the event as well as the attendees’ ability to make real improvements in their businesses.”

Dale Denham, President & CEO PPAI | Promotional Products Work

“Your talk on Multi-Generational Bridge Building was exactly what we needed. Your impact on our team was deep and immediate. You hit a Grand Slam with us!”

Kenneth M. Holmes, Vice President for Student Affairs | Howard University

“Having worked with James in a variety of ways, I would highly recommend him. Whether you are thinking of him as a speaker, a coach or a consultant, he possesses a great understanding of multigenerational leadership, diversity & inclusion, and team engagement/alignment strategies. He’s also highly effective in coaching leaders to greater success!”

James J. Zaniello, President | Vetted Solutions