9/11 Consistently evokes for me a re-education of People and Purpose. Differently said…”What will we do when our moment comes?”

The truth is – for many of us – we have had many moments. It was not Chief Ganci’s first time NOT leaving his men/women. It was his norm…his Purpose…to serve his People.

What is your norm?

You will have another moment tomorrow and the day after that. Will you lead or will you wait till ‘next time?

We are sorely in need of Leaders who care for their People and their People more than themselves.

We always have been.

My guess is Chief Ganci’s family misses him dearly but they know he did what he was born to do and he did it until the end.

If you are leading I wish for you a last day like Chief Ganci’s, aligned with your Purpose in service of your People…and a family Proud of you, your work and your Legacy.