I thought the article ‘Killer in the Kitchen’ was for other people.

And then I read it. As I have told many folks, all the best information is hidden in words, and since less and less of us read, it will remain hidden…so let me be plain.

1. There are addicts everywhere, including in your organization.

2. Overdosing has always been a problem and we need to make it less of one.

3. You should do something about it.

The holiday season is approaching and with it the parties; the alcohol, the loneliness, the drugs, the separation, and, of course, the screens…from laptops to phones, to tablets, to the 65 inches on the wall. If you are a leader, a team member, a colleague, a friend…a person who cares for others, what will you do? Maybe it’s time for you to talk to someone. Maybe it’s time for you to tell your story or maybe it’s time for you to listen to someone else’s. No…it is time for all of the above. Get out there and Love someone…today (please).