Train the Trainer

When an organization has a team of internal trainers responsible for developing, designing and executing the professional development activities, our Train the Trainer option is often a good fit. We work with the team to produce a viable curriculum that will work as a solution. We then team with the internal trainers to refine delivery and execution of the curriculum itself.

In other circumstances organizations will lease JPE materials and want their internal trainers to execute a JPE specific product (i.e. No-Nonsense Experience (NNE), NNE Book Club, Poverty Simulator) in this case we partner with the internal trainers as co-facilitators. This allows the trainers to see and execute the work in real time and get the benefit of the most meaningful feedback.

Poverty Simulator

In partnership with our colleagues at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we will introduce and refine various ideas, actions and behaviors connected to living in poverty. The simulator is designed to take you and your ‘family’ through a month of poverty. Subsequently, in the debrief we will discuss the nature of the experience and draw connections to the work you are doing to better serve your colleagues, clients, guests and members.