The No Nonsense Experience

Leaders and team members must be able to discuss the tough and sticky DEI issues with both comfort and confidence. The No Nonsense Experience is a place to begin and continue the hard work of building the muscles necessary to do so. The design of the NNE is flexible and allows for full day or half day sessions generally a better fit for senior leaders. Multiple two or one hour sessions that occur weekly are often a better fit for Directors, Managers and those in the middle of the organizations. We also provide an online solution – Micro NNE – for Frontline team members who are less likely to be able to carve out an hour to be away from the work of the day.

Outcomes: Increase your comfort and confidence in leading and participating in DEI conversations.

Make the connections between DEI and the work being done.

It seems with each passing day there is a new DEI related topic that requires conversation between leaders and team members. How prepared are you and your team to have these critical conversations?

The No Nonsense Experience can help.

From Roe v Wade to Gender Identity to Race and Political issues there is no shortage of topics that impact the work you do. The inability to enter the conversation and drive towards policy implications can preclude organizations from being productive.

The No Nonsense Experience can help.

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Considering the No Nonsense Experience?

For your Team/Organization?

The Summer of 2020 has left many organizations unsure of how to engage the Race Question. The No-Nonsense Experience is the answer. We help teams unpack some of the racial challenges that exist between individuals and within them. Ready to build deeper team cohesion? Is it time to profoundly move the needle? Then the No-Nonsense Experience is what you need. It will not be easy, but it will be impactful. Let us help you create the culture you want.

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The RIGHT Kind of Uncomfortable

People all over the world are trying to figure out how to bring up, discuss, and prepare for what it is they are seeing every day. We can help. By increasing your own comfort and confidence around perhaps the most critical issue of our time…Race. Week by week we will push you to develop muscles around The Race Question. In a supportive yet challenging environment, you will learn, listen, share, and engage in a way that consistently leaves you feeling…

The RIGHT Kind of Uncomfortable.

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The No Nonsense Experience will provide the structure, content, and time to develop these skills. Utilizing refined questions and conversation prompts along with expert facilitation this will be one of the most dynamic dinner conversations you’ve ever had.