As we continue to struggle with the recruitment and retention of Millennials, there is increasing concern about the ability to connect with Generation Z (about 20 years old and younger). To be a magnet that attracts young talent we must begin to look at recruitment through a different lens.

Promoting your company as the place for financial opportunity is no longer effective. These groups are not making decisions based on money.

Market to the passion of young talent to be effective.

Selling to the spirit as opposed to the pocket book is the best way to create a relationship that results in high productivity and long-term commitment.

Tout your work with nonprofits, educational organizations or any number of entities whose purpose is to create a positive change in the world. Hard work to alleviate pain and suffering. Heavy lifting to reinvest in the education of children. These are great examples of work you may already be engaged in.

It’s time to talk about it.

Millennials and Generation Z will first and foremost appreciate that you have put your values ‘out there’. The fact that you have said you believe in something this is the act they will appreciate. The action of putting your ‘money where your mouth is’ is something they will respect.

It is of lesser consequence that they may prefer to volunteer with Senior Citizens versus your organization’s commitment to the homeless, for example.

Being an organization that stands for something. This ought to be your goal and in the end it is also the bridge to connecting passionate young people and you.

Lead from your Soul out… it will be easily recognized and highly prized by some of the most talented workers you’re trying to recruit.