Conversations about generations can sometimes begin and end with birth dates and years, events of historical significance, and the obligatory comments on technology.

This is where the trouble begins.

When a conversation begins with “This is why we are different…” it can be the same as saying “This is why we are better…” or “This is why you don’t understand…”

In other words “This is why you are to blame…”

We have become experts at creating an “Us vs Them” environment. This training began long ago for some of us. Whether Elementary school, an Athletic Team or a Gifted and Talented classroom; our “Us vs Them” education began early.

How then do we improve the connections between one another? How do we counter-balance the years – perhaps decades – of “Us vs Them” training?

This difficult task of self reflection, personal and professional development is the kind of stuff great leadership is made from.

Multi-Generational Intelligence (MGI) is a framework that helps leaders grow their understanding, their thinking and decision-making. MGI is a tool that helps leaders disrupt and reconstruct the “Us vs Them” culture.

To increase retention of talented professionals and the productivity of our organizations we must focus on connecting one another not drawing lines.

Take a moment to think about your organization…your team. Consider the number of times generational lines were drawn.

Is it time to consider disrupting and reconstructing?