A conversation with Alise Cortez, Ph.D. 

Unconscious bias is a short cut technique we all employ to try to deal with the constant onslaught of information we confront every day. Using it in the workplace often results in limited input to decisions to hire, promote, and develop individuals within the organization. The more we can be challenged by others and ourselves to consider and re-evaluate how we perceive and judge others, we develop acumen to more quickly recognize our unconscious bias and become effective in joyously dancing with life. The more intentional and aware we can become about how we take in the world, the more we can literally dance with it to enjoy it deeply, make a greater impact on those we encounter and serve, and thread together the different aspects of our lives that stitch together into a rich tapestry.

Check out my conversation with Alise Cortez, Ph.D, as we unpack my own personal journey with unconscious bias…