… Are you ready?

… Is your team?

… Is your organization?

Given the ballistic and racially charged rhetoric that is increasingly prevalent in our country, communities, and businesses, there are many questions leaders in organizations need to be asking themselves. Here are a few:

  • Do you think your organization is immune to the immense challenges of Gender and Sexuality?
  • Are you ready for the racially charged incident that will occur in your work environment?
  • Are you prepared to lead in today’s disruptive environment?
  • Is your strategy something like, ‘Cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t happen on my watch!’?

Ignoring the events on our screens, our social media, our local schools, our grocery stores, and our restaurants will not work.

Compulsory Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and mandated Diversity Training have not been enough. Adjustments to hiring protocols and big data analysis have barely scratched the surface.

Winter isn’t coming… Winter is here! (#GOT)

We are ready now for what has always been the next real step: A purposeful and intentional set of discussions around the synergies of Diversity, Inclusion and Bias.

Having had these discussions with many organizational leaders, I know this is not easy work, but there are many who are eager for the discussion.

You ignore it at your peril.

There are good people who are good leaders, who want the best for their company, and who want to make the right decisions too. They have not divorced their desire to be right and just from the business case for success. There is no shortage of these folks; chances are you are one of them.

It is time for leaders like you to boldly take the next step. Listen to that voice – in your head, in your office space, in your home – that says it’s time to discuss the issues of Race, Class and Gender. The voice that is telling you it is your job to lead, and that right now is the time.

What’s your next step?

  • Take a snap shot of your organization. Where are you in your Diversity, Inclusion and Bias journey?
  • If necessary, find an expert you can work with who can set you up to truly move the needle.
  • Develop strategic initiatives with the input of the entirety of your organization.
  • Establish reasonable, yet aggressive goals.
  • Identify and allocate the appropriate resources.
  • Find measurable tactics and methods based on best practices.

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