James Pogue

Inclusivity and Belonging: The ‘Secret Sauce’ for Your Next Meeting?

In today’s world of meetings, conferences, virtual experiences, pre-sessions and post-conference experiences the concept of engagement has become a bit more refined post-pandemic. Pre-pandemic attendees would be queried about their conference experiences with a focus often on the appropriateness of the content, the skill of the presenter and their selected [...]


My Inclusion Moment

I have much work to do but I’m not done yet. I was at Prosper Forum chatting with a food industry CEO. He and I talked about the work of inclusion and how it is a bumpy road, with some successes and at times more setbacks than wins. We realized both of [...]


Leading From Your Soul… Out

As we continue to struggle with the recruitment and retention of Millennials, there is increasing concern about the ability to connect with Generation Z (about 20 years old and younger). To be a magnet that attracts young talent we must begin to look at recruitment through a different lens. Promoting [...]

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