In today’s world of meetings, conferences, virtual experiences, pre-sessions and post-conference experiences the concept of engagement has become a bit more refined post-pandemic.

Pre-pandemic attendees would be queried about their conference experiences with a focus often on the appropriateness of the content, the skill of the presenter and their selected workshop when it was running concurrent with another interesting choice.

Post-pandemic, the impact of DEI was often felt in the kind of post-meeting questions, the way they were phrased and, of course, the nature of the content to which participants were responding.

There has been a great deal of refinement in the way in which meetings are designed, content developed, sites being selected and, of course, in the way that participants are being tested for the breadth and depth of their engagement. In so many ways meeting planners have had to sharpen their DEI acumen to ensure they are doing all they can to ensure a great experience for attendees.

I wonder, however, if a new lens might be useful in helping us to “see” ways to consistently improve the conference experience.

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