There are few places as iconic as The West Point campus in New York. As an Army Veteran from a family of Veterans its an odd Homecoming of sorts too.

My brother in law is a football coach at Eastern Michigan University and they were scheduled to play Army at West Point. I’ve had the pleasure of watching he and his team’s in the past and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see my sister and their children too.

Little did I know how the experience would impact me.

Imagine, If you will, an idyllic forested college campus on rolling hills with peaceful ponds. A place surrounded by mature forests and complimented by a perfect Fall day of bright sun, blue sky and puffy white clouds.

It was in many ways perfect football weather on one of the most magnificent and historic college campuses in the country.

Now include Army Paratroopers, Helicoptor and WWII era flyovers, and of course the entrance of the cadets and you have a sense for setting this game.

My family has literally hundreds of years of military service to its credit; some having made the ultimate sacrifice. Others…well they sacrificed (only) a part of themselves. All of this is coursing through me as I am absorbing the power of the day.

As the game comes to an exciting close (Army wins by 1 point on the last play of the game) the Superintendent pumps up the crowd and leads the cadets in the Alma Mater.

It becomes clear what binds this Multi Generational group together is a shared and clear Purpose; a focus on treating your People with respect, and a desire to invest in and protect your Community.

Purpose, People and Community.

In today’s tumultuous world, these are three things we can agree upon. Perhaps, with this foundation, we can begin and continue conversations that building a better, stronger ‘and more perfect union’.